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Convert2mp4 F.A.Q. - Questions & Answers

Here are some of the most persistent questions we get about the website and the way it works.

How to convert YouTube video to mp3?

Our YouTube video to mp3 converter can work with these sites right now: Utube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit. We are working on adding more. Here's how you can convert video to mp3 right now using Convert2mp4:

  • Step 1: copy URL of the page with video you'd like to convert to mp3 into clipboard.
  • Step 2: paste the link into search box on main page of Convert2mp4 & hit red button
  • Step 3: when download options show up, find one that says 'mp3' (if it's convertable)
  • Step 4: press 'Download Mp3', mp3 converter starts work, download will begin shortly
  • How to convert YouTube videos to mp4?

  • Step 1: copy URL address of the page with the video you want to convert to mp4
  • Step 2: open Convert2mp4 and paste URL into the big white search box on top of page.
  • Step 3: press red button, in just seconds we'll get back with download options.
  • Step 4: select the quality, format you like and hit download button to start converting.
  • How to save videos on Iphone or IOS device?

    Sorry, we don't work with Apple. If your phone is jailbroken - you'll be able to download videos and audio from the Internet without problems. Otherwise you won't be able to download anything without special apps.. That's where people start asking 'How to add videos to Iphone camera roll'...

    How to convert video on Android device?

    Now we're talking! It's very easy to convert YouTube videos to download and save to your Android devices. It has become extremely easy in new android versions of Chrome, finally, praise the tech people, they added easy URL copy to android, something that was very painful before with tap and hold... Now it's much easier (step 1). Here's how to do it in 3 easy steps:

  • Step 1: first copy video page URL to device clipboard (in browser touch the address bar and select copy icon from menu).
  • Step 2: now paste it into the search box of Convert2mp4 (tap and hold the box until menu pops up, select Paste) & hit GO.
  • Step 3: in download options find the format you like, tap and hold Download button next to it, tap Download Link option.
  • How to copy any video URL in 2 clicks?

    On any video you can find Share button. Hit that, and it always has Copy Video Link option (or similar titled). Usually click or tap on that option copies video link into clipboard. Easy and fast. You can also copy video link from browser address bar or by right-clicking the video if it's in a grid and selecting Copy Link Address from the menu.

    How to stop video from streaming?

    Some videos will start streaming instead of downloading. To avoid that, right-click download button and select Save Link As. On mobile tap and hold download button, select Download Link. If it is too late and video is already streaming - simply right click it (tap and hold mobile) until menu shows up, select Save Video as (Download Video mobile).

    Where all the downloaded mp4 files go?

    That's for you to know and find out, cause it's on your device. But easy way to find them is via browser menu button, and there Downloads. Some desktop browsers react well to CTRL+J..